What We Do  |  Data Services

Strengthen your insurance programs with data-driven marketing.

What if you could know – thanks to insightful data – which of your consumers would be most likely to buy insurance products? And what if that same data could tell you the best marketing channel to reach them – and which messages would resonate? That’s the power of Franklin Madison’s exclusive data analytics platform.

A 360-degree view of every prospect.

If your organization is like most, it’s just not feasible to maintain a comprehensive data warehouse. And even if you do, it can be a challenge to gain the valuable insights you need to turn that data into action. Franklin Madison puts everything you need at your fingertips, helping you make smarter, faster marketing decisions – decisions that lead to better results.

Build smarter creative.

Our creative and data teams collaborate to deliver campaigns built on real insights – with the right messaging, the right design, and on the right platform.

Make it your own.

Your organization is unique – and so are your consumers. That’s why a customized, targeted campaign works best – and that’s exactly what we’ll create for you.

Focus on conversion.

We believe that when you marry data with proven creative strategies, your insurance programs will be more successful.