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Omni in the Age of Digital Disruption

How Digital Insurance Harnesses the Power of this Data-Proven Conversion Tactic

As today’s consumer market is more disrupted than ever, the silo-driven age of insurance living by print alone has been left behind, increasingly replaced by digital marketing. This transformation, increasingly known as insurtech, is quickly driving change. But it’s also enabling new opportunity in the form of omnichannel marketing.

In this free eBook, explore the rise of online insurance and how Franklin Madison’s Smarter Marketing blends it into a data-driven omnichannel approach to better engage new and old customers.

What’s Inside

Savvy Statistics

73% of Millennials prefer communications from businesses to come via email. But still, 77% of Millennials still pay attention to direct mail advertising!

Exciting Estimates

It has been estimated that digital innovation in the insurance industry will expand insurer’s worldwide revenue potential by $375 billion within five years.

Quality Quotes

The modern insurance consumer doesn’t just want to do business online. They demand the ability to make buying decisions on any medium of their choice. Omnichannel gives it to them.