Statistical Analyst

Stamford, CT

Responsible for SAS programming in UNIX environment and data management with the following SAS products: SQL, BASE, MACRO, STAT and Enterprise Guide. Specific responsibilities of the Statistical Analyst include the following described job duties: Creating and maintaining data marts, preparing data for marketing, modeling and analysis; Gathering business requirements and converting them into functional and technical requirements; Providing SAS programming support for department initiatives such as system conversion, program modification and program enhancements to improve efficiency; Ensuring full understanding and accurate execution of all statistical models in LINUX SAS environment; Maximizing file penetration rate and return of investment through development of new client file strategy, data analysis, segmentation techniques, and list selection; Analyzing historical customer and marketing data to identify trends and patterns that can be leveraged to optimize the effectiveness of customer contact strategies; Developing test designs for marketing programs and test campaign parameters such as insurance premium, coverage amount, response rate and creative to improve marketing efficiency and profitability; Performing data mining on vast amount of internal and external data attributes and translate them into actionable business decisions and recommendations; and Managing projects with thorough planning, structures and disciplines

Must have a Master’s degree in Statistics, Mathematics, M.I.S. or a related field plus two (2) years of experience in developing and executing SAS programs in the UNIX/LINUX environment; two (2) years of experience in UNIX SAS,/SQL, SAS/MACROS, SAS/BASE procedures including FREQ, SORT, UNIVARIATE, SUMMARY, MEANS, TRANSPOSE, REPORT, TABULATE and FORMAT; and one (1) year of experience in the SQL server environment.  Must also possess strong analytical skills, superior problem-solving skills, written and verbal communication skills, and ability to perform independently.

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