Stamford, CT

Responsible to develop response, premium, risk and other predictive models using advanced statistical techniques to target the most profitable prospects for direct mail & online emarketing campaigns; Analyze historical customer and marketing data to identify trends and patterns that can be leveraged to optimize the effectiveness of customer engagement strategies; Develop test designs for marketing programs and test campaign parameters, such as insurance premium, coverage amount, response rate and creative to improve marketing efficiency and profitability; Perform data mining on vast amount of internal and external data attributes and translate them into actionable business decisions and recommendations; and Provide statistical leadership to internal and external partners and formulate decision management plans that include project planning, data collection, data analysis and modeling, implementation and results tracking.
Must have a Master’s degree in Statistics, Mathematics or related field plus one (1) year of experience in the job offered or in an occupation which includes the required experience. Experience must include one (1) year of experience in statistical modeling and data analysis in an academic or industry environment. Must also possess time series and multi variate analysis techniques; and must possess strong written and verbal communication skills.
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