We’re excited to introduce you to our new look, which represents our commitment to helping banks and credit unions grow and improve consumer loyalty.

As the financial industry evolves, we are committed to partnering and growing with it. Our new brand reflects our core values centered around excellence, collaboration and well-being. We’ve captured the new day and a fresh look while also honoring our 45-year legacy.

What is changing?

No longer Affinion Insurance Solutions, the name Franklin Madison is representative of the Company’s headquarters and is also a nod to Ben Franklin, an innovator, a pioneer, and a printer. Madison refers to the foundation of the business, originated as Madison Financial in the 1960s. Together, the name signifies the strength of its past as well as the optimism of the future.

To honor the Company’s long history, Franklin Madison is retaining its well-known “Smarter Marketing” tagline.

We partner with clients as they build their brand and cultivate consumer engagement and loyalty. We do this by creating and developing innovative and relevant insurance solutions that place financial wellness and family security at the center. Our smarter marketing philosophy is driven by the understanding that our products have lifelong impact to consumers.

The new logo includes a monogram of the letters F and M arranged to depict a blended icon of a digital and traditional envelope. It’s a nod to the Company’s expertise in direct and digital marketing. The color palette is modern and bold to provide a fresh start looking toward the future. The bright scarlet red provides a pop of vibrant energy while deep Oxford blue and neutral grays connote strength and trustworthiness. The new brand identity will have a strong voice and consistent presentation across all touch points.

Be on the lookout for our new brand to begin appearing on communications you receive from us. This will begin in November 2018 and continue throughout 2019.

What is not changing?

Our clients, brokers, and carriers will experience the same high level of service and no material changes in terms as a result of the new brand. There will be no material impact on day-to-day activities, policies, or the customer experience. It is business as usual, and we will continue to stay focused on our core goals and responsibilities. We are committed to our Bank and Credit Union markets and will continue to make the investments with our partners that we need to mutually grow.

Grow with us!

It is a brand new day at Franklin Madison. Our focus is on delivering on our commitment to our bank and credit union clients. We will expand our digital footprint while remaining a market leader in direct mail solutions.