Proven marketing, sophisticated data analytics, and a tailored marketing strategy

Our dynamic and individualized direct marketing campaigns drive above-average response rates. We consistently refresh our marketing with sophisticated testing and analysis to drive incremental response improvements. Our digital and direct mail events are based on data focused customer profiles and desired outcomes while also meeting the needs of the financial institutions we serve.

How we deliver industry-leading results:

  • Start with best-in-class insurance products that are relevant and consumer driven in nature
  • Develop marketing programs that are simple, straightforward and professional to educate consumers about the products
  • Use data to ensure we are presenting relevant solutions to the target audiences in a way that will drive them to action. We capture this data, and it subsequently feeds our smarter marketing approach for the future
  • Present the financial institution’s brand, not ours, to elevate the solutions and build on the brand loyalty financial institutions already have with their customers
We have developed a great partnership Franklin Madison and appreciate their dedication to delivering high quality, affordable insurance offerings to our Members. Their attention to detail and knowledge about insurance products helped create a suite of product offerings that meet our Member’s needs and enhance the credit union’s bottom line.
Jeremy Zager, CPA, CFO, Dort Federal Credit Union

Insurance Solutions

We offer a robust suite of relevant insurance solutions that work together to strengthen consumer engagement, increase brand loyalty and generate predictable and sustainable non-interest income for our clients. Your financial institution can improve the lives of your customers and secure the financial future of their families with this portfolio of innovative insurance solutions. Please note that product availability varies by state.

A stylized AD&D wordmark

Accidental Death & Dismemberment

Guaranteed acceptance of high-level coverage as an alternative or supplement to other insurance.

An illustration of a nurse

Hospital Accident Plan

Pays cash benefits – with no deductible or waiting period – for each day confined in the hospital due to covered accidents.

An illustration of a person in a sling

Recuperative Care

Pays daily cash benefits for covered hospital stays due to illness and covered accidents – with no pre-existing conditions exclusion.

An illustration of a hospital cross in front of a family

Life Insurance Products

Life insurance options offer various levels of coverage to meet every consumer need based on age and medical conditions.

Pet Insurance

Covers exam fees and other diagnostic and treatment costs, including accidents, illnesses, hereditary conditions, and behavioral issues.

Auto Insurance

Decide which auto insurance coverage is right for you.

Senior Products

Medicare-related insurance products geared toward the senior citizen market.

Smarter Marketing

Our approach enhances loyalty with financial institutions and provides valuable Insurance coverage for their consumers.

Lux 360°™

Big Data No Longer Means Big Dollar Investment.