Improving a Bank’s Efficiency Ratio with Insurance

Operating a bank is expensive. The costs can be overwhelming after considering all the reasonable costs incurred with the administration of managing the flow of money for customers. When looking through the […]

Meeting Consumer Demands for Life Insurance

Banks and credit unions pride themselves on providing the best advice to their customers and living up to the expectations they set forth in their mission statements.  Each institution feels they have […]

Introducing the new Franklin Madison brand

We’re excited to introduce you to our new look, which represents our commitment to helping banks and credit unions grow and improve consumer loyalty. As the financial industry evolves, we are committed […]

Engaging and Extending the Life of Retail Customers

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Should I Outsource My Data Analytics Needs to a Third Party?

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Harness Your Data for Personalized Marketing that Drives Top-Line Results

Credit unions already have a mountain of member data that can be a gold mine for understanding members, their needs, and what motivates them. Utilizing data to drive a smarter approach to […]

Strategic Partnerships Strengthen Offerings

Franklin Madison holds a strategic partnership with OnApproach to better serve credit unions with an unprecedented data analytics solution. The partnership enables Franklin Madison, a leading provider of marketing and insurance administration […]

How Insurance Offerings Build Loyalty

Adding insurance offerings to a credit union’s portfolio can do more than bring in a new revenue stream–it can strengthen member relations and loyalty. “In 2018, it is more important than ever […]